Below is a small selection of the services that our web team provide and examples of them in action. Unlike other agencies, we don’t need to hide how we build our websites; they are custom coded and we don’t use any third party or template programs. We believe that some web developers use these systems because they do not really know how to build or design a website, so they convert templates to suit. The downside to this is when you want to change something or try something out of the ordinary to help you make money you will come unstuck. The code used to write these programs is often not SEO friendly (Google doesn’t read them well), being written in several different styles/languages by different and untested developers. It’s not always what you see that makes a website good, it’s often what you can’t see that makes the difference! KMP Create has the knowledge required to create fantastic websites that will future-proof your business.


We create pixel perfect websites every time. We have internal web design and web development teams so you can be certain that you are getting the best of both worlds. A lot of other companies are graphic design companies with no developers or web companies with no designers. Often in our industry we see sites that look great but don’t function and sites that function but don’t look good. A web designer and a web developer in general are two different kinds of people. Web developers tends to be a very visual person so they view a website as something to look at. A developer tends to be a non-visual person who sees a website in its rawest format which is code, his job is more focussed on the functionality of the website. This is where our project managers come in…our managers job is to extract the best parts of design and function from our team ensuring your site is built to the highest standard and works for your business needs.


We consider ourselves individuals at KMP Create and as individuals we felt the need to give our clients a CMS system that actually works for the purpose of their business. We understand there is a need for generic third party systems; however, in practice when your business grows it can be difficult and expensive to get these systems to achieve what you need. Each CMS system is built to the highest quality and from scratch; by doing this we can future-proof your system to work and continue to work with your company as you grow from five to fifty employees and beyond.

If you would like a demo of our CMS systems please call 01920 872800 or email us


Having built e-commerce websites for the world’s largest businesses, we know it’s a high-pressure job. Often handling tens of thousands of transactions in short periods of time, our systems are built robustly and securely, ensuring a smooth process for the user and giving you all the user details you require for marketing and payment purposes. Our e-commerce systems are again all integrated into your CMS area, so there’s no need for several logins or third party software; we build it from scratch to your specifications.


Whether you have an existing system or are looking to purchase one of the KMP Create systems, we can help with your every requirement. All our services will be consulted with you first to make sure you are using the right platform for your goal. Full reporting and template options are offered, and we provide you with pixel perfect emails, quality content and great deliverability. We also provide a HTML and design service for existing systems.

E-Marketing includes contextual ads on search engine results pages, banner ads, blogs, rich media ads, social network advertising, online classified advertising, advertising networks, dynamic banner ads, cross-platform ads and e-mail marketing. Whatever your requirement, we don’t just build but design and manage all our adverts only using carefully selected partners to push your business through the web. We can and have managed all kinds of campaigns with various budgets throughout London, Hertfordshire and across the UK.


Search Engine Optimisation or "website optimisation" is one of the most effective ways to advertise your business online. So, SEO is an integral part of building a website, as having a site that looks good but doesn’t perform is not good enough in today’s competitive market place. Being able to increase your website’s ranking to page one of Google will not only build your business and brand but yield a high return on investment. Picking the correct search terms for your business is critical to your campaign. That’s why all our SEO campaigns include a transparent; no jargon process built around your business and deploy in-depth keyword research.

We don’t just talk the talk here at KMP Create, so why not ask our team to show you some of the results we have achieved for our existing clients?


Our hosting platform is built on CentOS 6, providing reliability and performance when needed. Using a UK-based data centre with onsite support ensures maximum uptime with a 99.9% SLA. Protecting your website from the risk of corruption or data loss with our scheduled backups that run daily, Mon – Fri. Dedicated email servers ensure your sites are as quick as possible; we offer Microsoft Exchange accounts for businesses with 1 to 100+ staff.

High performance - low latency ensures that we can forward information quickly and to where it needs to get to.
Resilient - which means you can trust us to deliver critical data safely.
Reliable - deploying carrier class, fully resilient equipment and redundancy to maintain service.
Managed and Monitored - Our network is managed and monitored 24/7/365 via a team of Microsoft accredited, experienced and customer-focussed engineers.


Our creative contracts are like no other. Are you fed up of slow, expensive freelancers? Or do you want to be able to provide custom websites, fantastic design or quick and quality print but just don’t have the capacity and are losing out on work. Why not ask us today about our creative contracts? We offer huge discounts on any of our services for other creative agencies. Having over 20 contracts with agencies in Hertfordshire, Essex, Bedfordshire and London, we can be discreet or as open as you wish. We would love to work with your business to provide the best solution for your clients and offer some of our bespoke solutions, knowledge and flexibility to add to the capabilities of your company.

Call us today and we’d be happy to demo just what we can do for you! 01920 872800.